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Bulk SMS has brought a big change in advertisement of products. sms api This is the best way to advertise on digital media to achieve a targeted geographical location. By the international bulk SMS service you can advertise your products in foreign country. For a newly established organisation it is very beneficial .

Because they need corers of rupees for advertisement. By the international bulk SMS service they can advertise in very small amount. In UAE bulk SMS is one of the most powerful tool for the marketing and promotions. provides bulk SMS gateway in UAE. Our web based bulk SMS tools are very user friendly.

By two way SMS feedback can be easily send by customer on any of the product by just typing on their mobile. Two Way SMS is sent on our server. This is cheapest and fastest way to get valuable customer feedback.

Complaint submission- A complain can be submitted by SMS, which in fact is the easiest way to communicate with the service provider. Complaint can be based on any sort of thing. It might be related to malfunctioning of product, support request etc.

Product information of any product can be delivered through buy email marketing lists. For this information user must send a specific keyword to our server like purchase email marketing lists. Which will then processed and appropriate response will get delivered to the requester.

With SMS gateway software you can send bulk SMS to large consumers with a just single mouse click. Its biggest benefit is that you can send many bulk SMS with very low cost. Bulk SMS software can reach up to 25,000 messages a minute and it is time that companies are opening their eyes to this great marketing tool because it lets you dial over their competitors. By the SMS software companies can send bulk of SMS at very low cost.

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