There are those who feel that the customer has received good service if he has transacted to receive what he wants or needs. Not true. That is not customer service; it is customer selling. If a رخصة تجارية في دبي has products or services to sell and it sells them to customers with indifference or with poor attitudes, it has engaged in customer selling. The company has simply sold something and the customer has simply bought something. It’s like a vending machine with people doing the work instead of a machine.

There are some companies and sales organizations that will sell things to customers even if they don’t need or want them and that’s also customer selling. They use all sorts of tactics to do so. An automobile repair shop may show a customer oil with metal shavings in it, neither of which came from the customer’s car, and tell the customer she needs to replace a major component of the car at an obscenely and dishonestly inflated price.

As a salesman, I have told a prospective customer that I didn’t see that he had any problems that anything I had for sale would solve. I thanked him for letting me talk to him and I was on my way. That is closer to customer service. Perhaps he needed something, but he didn’t need anything that I had, so in the spirit of customer service and integrity, I did not try to separate him from any of his money for something that he didn’t need or that I didn’t have.

What we see virtually all of the time in the market is company service. Everything that happens there is to serve the company, and nothing that happens there is for any other reason. Yes the company manufactures thing or sells things or provides some service ostensibly to be able to transact with a customer, but the attitude and the culture about all of it is to serve the company. To get more money for the company. To make the company larger. To increase revenues or profits or some other statistic. To increase the boss’s paycheck. The attitude and the culture is the company trying to find out what the customer can do for it, instead of the company finding out what it can do for the customer.

Thus the customer shops at your place, they shop at someone else’s place. They don’t care. There is no customer loyalty to the company because the company has no loyalty to the customer. A company like that might not offend customers most of the time, but then sometimes they will, and there is no system set up to find out when that might happen, why it might happen, and what to do about it. There seems to be an attitude that if the company chases a customer away, what the heck, there are other customers. There are always customers. But in every industry, sooner or later, there are fewer customers, and those few customers will buy from companies from which they feel more caring, and some of the companies in the industry will go out of business.

A company cannot enjoy long term success and survival if they care only about themselves. It’s the same as a marriage relationship. If the marriage partners care more about themselves than about the partnership, the marriage will dissolve. Only by creating some loyalty through intense customer service will a marriage relationship be worth anything. A man might try to convince his wife that everything he does is for her and for the children, but she knows the difference between what he does for himself and what really contributes to the family.

Company service is centered around money for the company. Focusing on money instead of on service is an incorrect direction. You can make money from being in the wrong place for a short time, but it won’t be fun, it won’t be rewarding, it won’t be fulfilling, and it won’t be good. And sooner than later you will be scrambling to try to figure out how to keep making money. Trying to get more money from customers without giving them what they want will alienate them, and someone else will come along with a new angle to take business away from you.

Money is vitally important to a company. Without money, the company can’t pay employees, it can’t upgrade its infrastructure, it can’t provide products and services to the customer, it can’t stay in business. The number one cause of business failure is lack of funds. Money is important. But it cannot be the objective. If money is the objective, sooner or later, it will stop flowing into the company. If serving a customer is the objective and if the company will base everything it does on serving a customer, it will have more money than it could ever get in any other honest way. This is not rocket science. This is obvious. I just don’t understand why virtually all companies ignore such an obvious thing.

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