Miami Cheap flights are now readily available online for a traveler’s easy access. Because of these, top Florida architects is made more accessible even for a simple casual day out or a romantic stay for the weekend. These cheap flights will segue your money for more important things on the trip like hotel accommodations or food. Bring some medicine to battle the nausea during flights or during your boat cruising in Miami.

Flights are cheaper during weekdays with a stay through the weekends. Make sure to book a flight two or three weeks earlier than your trip, so you can still reschedule it if need be with only minimal extra charges.

Always research on where you’re going to be going and what clothes are accepted in the establishments. While bringing too many clothes is a no-no, bringing too little will also limit the places where you can be accepted entry. Most places in Miami are very casual but if you have a client meeting or a dinner with VIPs then please prepare by bringing a suit or a crease-free dress. In Miami, people like to dress up even for a casual dinner-out. Bring one good dress or designer jeans for Miami’s famed nightlife.

Depending on what time you’re going, bring the appropriate clothing needed. Miami is summer all year round with the occasional cold front. If you’re in during hurricane season which is from June to November, best to bring an extra jacket along with you and maybe one or two long-sleeved shirts. A good option is to check with the weather channel or go to Florida’s website. They will usually have a forecast of the coming days.

Make sure the luggage you’re bringing is easy to carry. A backpack will do for those planning to stay for only a day or two. For those in for a long weekend or even a week, a roller luggage is ideal.

If you’re planning to go to the beach, and when in Miami you should, then bring good quality bathing suits. Miami has a clothing optional policy in some of their beaches. This is ideal for those who absolutely do not want tan lines. Contrary to some presumptions, there are no gawkers on the beaches of Miami, maybe some embarrassed firstimers but this is just as easily replaced because of the carefree atmosphere that Miamian air brings. Even during the winter season which is from December to February, the beaches are still quite popular for swimming although few tourists would dare to try.

Regardless of whether you’re going to the beach or not, bring sunblock. Florida is considered Sunshine Capital. Whether strolling, dining out or shopping in many of the open-air malls, a sunblock is extra precaution. Bring a mosquito repellent too. Miami is humid all year-round. This attracts those annoying pests even in indoor settings. A mosquito repellent will save one from constantly itching during the trip.

For the tourist-at-heart, bring a digital camera or a DSLR. Miami is famous for its excellent photographic equipment, so if you have some extra cash to spend, try looking at several of their photography display shops.

If there are important documents like identification, passport and such needed for you to stay in Miami, always photocopy these in threes, so that you have one to bring with you, one copy on your rented car, and one in your luggage at the hotel. Place your return ticket in the same place so you’ll always remember where it is even after a tiresome night out in Miami. Never bring all your money for a day out. Always leave some in the hotel. Place it in a secure place, not at the back pocket of your pants, where it is susceptible to snatching.

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