A psychic reading will vary in time and cost considerably depending on many different factors. Cost can be dependent on the length of the reading, the particular sort of reading and the location of the reading. The reputation and online astrology readings of the person carrying out the psychic reading will also have a huge influence on the cost.

You can search online for the costs and timings of a psychic reading. Because the factors are so variable it is worth considering exactly what sort of psychic reading you want to have before you start comparing prices. Do you want to have this reading at home or would you prefer to travel to the home or workplace of the reader? Are you happy to take advantage of the many phone services that are available or would you rather the reading was face to face? These are factors that will influence the length and cost of your reading.

As said the particular type of reading that you choose will have a great impact on the times and cost. Some of the main forms of psychic reading to consider are:

·          Astrology: A popular form of divination based on the positions of the stars and planets.

·          Aura reading: Readers interpret the personal “aura” that they believe surrounds every individual.

·          Cartomancy: Divination using a deck of cards, such as tarot cards.

·          Cleromancy: This involves the interpretation of the final positions and orientations of object that have been cast onto a surface.

·          Lithomancy and crystallomancy: These readings utilise gems or stones that are placed in water, or tossed and read by their relative positions to each other.

·          Numerology: These readings are done on numbers that have significance for the individual.

·          Palm reading: This involves the telling of a person’s future by studying  the lines and other markings on the palm.

·          Psychometry: The reader divines details about a person through physical contact with their possessions.

·          Rune reading: Runes are ancient symbols. They are generally cast on a mat and their positions and symbols used to interpret the future.

As can be seen from that brief overview psychic readings cover a diverse field of systems and techniques. Individual readers will have their own price lists. Once you have settled on the sort of reading you would like you can begin to compare their services. Some readers will offer prices based on the length and detail of the reading they provide.

You may find that some readers offer discounts for first timers. Distant readings, by phone, internet connections or correspondence can also help to cut the cost, but many people will find them unsatisfactory as the direct interaction with the reader is lost.

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