Understanding why seminal vesiculitis is challenging to cure can help patients treat them scientifically. The patient thinks seminal vesiculitis is a minor problem and misses the best treatment сиалис украина, which leads to the destruction of the antibacterial function in the glands. Many patients transform from acute seminal vesiculitis to chronic seminal vesiculitis, which greatly complicates the treatment. Patients take medicine randomly and change the treatment plan at will. As time passes, the psychological burden is heavier, the mental pain is more painful, and the disease is more difficult to cure.

Some patients did not go to professional medical institutions for diagnosis and treatment after suffering from seminal vesiculitis, resulting in the lack of standardized and symptomatic treatment. Because the etiology of seminal vesiculitis is relatively complicated, the inflammation is easy to spread, causing Other inflammatory complications. The wrong treatment method for seminal vesiculitis will not only fail to cure the disease but also delay the timing of treatment, resulting in persistent incurable seminal vesiculitis and eventually secondary infertility. During the treatment period, the patients did not maintain good living habits, did not restrain their sex life, and often smoked, drank alcohol, and ate spicy food.

Long-term infertility in patients with seminal vesiculitis not only causes pain and cause long-term distress to the patient but also endangers the patient’s health. The most worrying thing is that if the seminal vesiculitis is not treated in time or if it is not cured for a long time, it is likely to cause male infertility. Therefore, the treatment of seminal vesiculitis is essential.

Patients need reasonable treatment of seminal vesiculitis to prevent it from being cured for a long time. Whether it is acute or chronic seminal vesiculitis, it should be thoroughly treated. Rational treatment of seminal vesiculitis In order to prevent persistent seminal vesiculitis, both acute and chronic seminal vesiculitis should be thoroughly treated.

Patients can choose appropriate antibiotics. Acute seminal vesiculitis should be treated until the symptoms disappear entirely, and then continue the medication for 1 to 2 weeks. For chronic seminal vesiculitis, the medication should be continued for more than 4 weeks to consolidate the curative effect. For patients with seminal vesiculitis with drug resistance, conservative traditional Chinese medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can be used for treatment. The patient needs to rest in bed and is given laxatives to keep the stool unobstructed.

Patients need to avoid excessive sexual intercourse to reduce genital congestion. Patients with chronic seminal vesiculitis can perform seminal vesicle and prostate massage regularly (1 or 2 times a week). One is to increase the blood supply of the prostate and seminal vesicles, and the other is to promote the excretion of inflammatory substances. Doctors need to eliminate the concerns of patients, especially those of hematospermia patients, and enhance their confidence in overcoming the disease.

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