That’s a great question. Today’s house seller has lots of options: they can list their house with a real estate agent, they can try to sell the house themselves or they can sell their house to a real estate architects in Maine. None of these choices is necessarily better than the others: they each have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Here is what I say when asked why someone should sell their house to me:

  1. I’m fast. In many cases, sellers are in a rush to get their house sold. Maybe they’re facing foreclosure or they’re settling a divorce. Sometimes the seller has moved because of a job and needs to sell the house quickly to avoid two mortgage payments. Or someone might inherit a house and they don’t want the hassle of dealing with the repairs and marketing necessary to sell the house.

Most people who try selling their house themselves or through a real estate agent find that it is anything but a fast process in most cases. Unless you are willing to sell your house at a significantly reduced price, in many markets you could find yourself waiting one to three months before you accept an offer.

On the other hand, because I’m an independent investor with private funds I can often close a house purchase in 7 days or less.

  1. My offers are flexible. I make my offer fit the seller’s needs. If the seller wants to close quickly, that can be arranged. If the seller wants cash all at once or a monthly cash flow, I can do those, too. I can also make up past payments and take over current payments to immediately relieve money burdens on the seller.

I can be a lot more flexible with my offers than the traditional offers sellers typically receive. That’s because I’m independent and not part of a bank bureaucracy which has to follow lots of rules. I’m also aware of possible creative solutions to meet sellers’ needs that your average home buyer wouldn’t think of.

  1. I’m open-minded. I might buy someone’s house when no one else will. In many cases I buy houses that have fire damage, termites, mold, foundation problems, roof problems or need major repairs. Houses with these conditions scare most buyers and real estate agents hate listing them because they know such houses are hard to sell.

I actually enjoy talking to sellers with houses like these because I can see the house’s potential value after all the repairs are made. I’m also not worried about extensive repairs as long as the after-repaired-value of the house justifies the expenses.

In conclusion, I encourage sellers to investigate all avenues of getting their house sold in the way that best meets their needs. If they decide that working with me to buy their house makes the most sense, then I’m more than happy to help.

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